COPD 2016: Effects of hyperoxia exposure on free radicals accumulation in relation to ultrastructural pathological changes of diaphragm_Al-Said A Haffor_Dar Al Uloom University, KSA

Al-Said A Haffor

COPD are related with an expanded burden on the stomach prompting gathering of responsive oxygen species (ROS) and the resulting cell harms and passing. Th e neurotic adjustments enlisted by ROS in the stomach during oxygen breathing are not known. Th e reason for the current examination was to analyze the impacts of hyperoxia presentation (HP) on free radicals (FR) aggregation corresponding to the ultra basic neurotic changes in the stomach. Twenty grown-up male rodents were haphazardly doled out to two gatherings; control (C) and hyperoxia (HP). Creatures of the HP were breathing 100% O2 for 72 hours consistently. Both serum and stomach tissue supernatant investigation indicated essentially higher (p